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What is corporate estate planning?

Ask The Professionals - April 2018

Written by Dave Lee
April 11, 2018

Q: What is corporate estate planning?

A: Families who own businesses have an additional set of complexities they need to plan for. Corporate estate planning helps you address questions related to shareholders agreements, corporate and personal wills, powers of attorneys and trusts, use of estate freezes, buysell structures, and other estate planning topics relevant to business owners. To be effective the process needs to work through the unique opportunities and challenges families may be facing in the areas of wealth, tax and estate planning, philanthropy, family governance and business transition planning. By taking time to thoroughly understand the family‚ specific goals and objectives, this planning helps to clarify, organize and prioritize issues and concerns. Because business owners have complex needs and issues, they require more specialized information and guidance in the area of planning with corporate structures. We can help you understand the options and issues to consider and work alongside your existing tax and legal advisors to put an effective plan in place.